If Deftones & Tony Robbins started a band… Launch Point is focused on giving people a reason to reach new heights, find the good in life, feel motivated, and conquer fears. Launch Point’s mission is to serve the song and not the ego. Not one to shy away from different genres and influences, they strive to ignite the creative curiosity in people and to not be okay with whatever is being force fed to them.

Launch Point is driven by new ways of expression, including stripping down songs with acoustic instruments but not by the “Unplugged” moniker. Taking Eastern style instruments and playing them in a Western style while keeping the energy of the original essence of the song. Then reanimating them with only electronic based remixes and encouraging artists to give their interpretation to help spark new creativity and collaborations.

Launch Point was started by founder Jon ‘Evs’ Evans simply because he didn’t want to wait on anyone to be ready. Having been a Producer & Multi-instrumentalist in Las Vegas, Austin, Orlando, & the midwest, he wanted to be free from the “red-tape” and just move forward. The Debut “From Where to There” being entirely written & performed by ‘Evs’, he did enlist the help of Grammy Winning Mixer Cooper Anderson & Grammy Winning Mastering Engineer Bob Katz to help the project come to life. With this release Launch Point was on the Grammy Ballot next to many music heroes in the categories of Best Song by a Duo or Group and Best Rock Performance.

Launch Point is currently working on their next full length album with an accompanying film. They also have their much anticipated ‘Organic’ EP due out the end of 2017. This EP is an acoustic instrument based record that has all the excitement and gusto of the original songs.

In a short attention span society, Launch Point is dedicated to not only push the musical limits, but to challenge the way we absorb a creative experience; with more than just ego based videos, but story lines and connections. Their goal is not just to sell out venues, but to create a community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life. They challenge the industry by challenging themselves and leading by example.


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